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Meet the needs of a fast-paced publishing industry.

Take advantage of our scalable bibliography processing technology to provide your customers with accurate and structured bibliographies.

Help publishers succeed

Automated bibliography processing will allow you to provide better products and solutions to the publishers you serve, helping your clients succeed.

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Integrate Edifix into your production workflow with API

If you’re looking to integrate bibliographic reference processing into a larger automated workflow, you can access all of Edifix’s capabilities programmatically using the Edifix API.

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Easily support both common and unique editorial styles

Edifix can format bibliographies to many popular styles within seconds:







ISO 690


Edifix also supports some publisher-specific editorial styles, and custom templates can be created for your customers’ unique house styles.

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For the majority of our journals, we have a >50% time savings on reference checking and styling with Edifix.

Alvaro Bussab, Cabo Verde Design Digital

Deploy a powerful algorithm to link and correct references

Our patented technology links damaged and incomplete references where other systems have failed. Even if your references aren’t spelled or formatted exactly right, our sophisticated matching algorithm can still link them to their records in PubMed and Crossref. Using this data, Edifix will correct errors and add missing reference elements for you.

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Convert text-based references to XML, BibTeX, and more

Edifix allows you to integrate plain-text references into your XML or LaTeX publishing workflow. Its patented heuristic parsing algorithm identifies important information like author names and publication dates in plain-text bibliographic references and converts them to granular, structured formats.

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No need for a costly purpose-built solution

Creating and maintaining your own technological solution is expensive. Trust the experts at Inera to address all of your bibliography problems.

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Friendly customer support and top-notch workflow experts

Our responsive customer support team is always here to help. If you need additional expertise, our publishing and XML workflow experts will be happy to help you build a custom solution that will differentiate you from the competition.

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