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Don’t get left behind in the digital
publishing revolution.

Meet the demands of both speed and quality by incorporating automated
bibliographic reference processing into your publishing workflow.

Reduce time to publication

Edifix saves your copyeditors time and effort by making most reference corrections for them. Our unique and patented heuristic parsing system formats damaged and incomplete references in any style to your editorial style and corrects information in each reference using data from PubMed and Crossref.

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Ensure accuracy in your bibliographies

Edifix can increase your publication’s discoverability and integrity by correcting erroneous reference data and inserting missing elements, DOIs, and links to PubMed and Crossref records. By intelligently comparing damaged or incomplete references against the PubMed and Crossref databases, Edifix safely makes corrections and inserts warnings for information that requires additional attention, such as cited articles that have been retracted or corrected.

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Format bibliographies to a standard style — or house style!

With Edifix, you can format your bibliography to any of the following styles within seconds:







ISO 690


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Control your editorial costs

Don’t spend precious editorial resources on tasks that can be easily automated. Invest in an automated workflow, and you can focus your resources on improving the speed and quality of your publication process.

Empower your team

Edifix doesn’t replace your copyeditors; it frees them from the most tedious editorial tasks and lets them focus on substantive editorial work.

Learn how Edifix can save you time in your current workflow →

The less time I have to spend on boring, repetitive tasks such as editing 56 entries in a reference list to fit a particular style, the more time I'll have for the get-down-in-the-mud-and-wrestle editing that I love to do.

Katharine O’Moore Klopf, KOK Editing

Take charge of your content by keeping it in-house

Harness the automation provided by Edifix, and you’ll be able to manage your work with existing resources. Avoid inconsistent quality, communication gaps, and variable turnaround times by keeping your bibliography editing work in-house.

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Hit the ground running

Edifix is a low-maintenance web application with an easy-to-use interface. It can be used with any browser and does not require extensive staff training. Users get up-to-speed quickly, and the Edifix customer support team is always there for you.

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Integrate Edifix into your production workflow with API

Need to integrate bibliographic reference processing into a larger automated workflow? Access all of Edifix’s capabilities programmatically using the Edifix API.

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Convert text-based references to XML, BibTeX, and more

Edifix can convert your plain-text bibliographies to granular, structured formats, such as JATS DTD XML and BibTeX. With Edifix, you can quickly integrate plain-text references into your XML or LaTeX publishing workflow. Edifix will quickly become an indispensable component of your editorial and production processes.

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