edifix for freelance editors

Meet the ever more stringent demand for speed and accuracy

Earn more money by saving time on copyediting references, and get to do more of the editorial work you enjoy.

Process manuscripts faster

Edifix eliminates the need to manually copyedit each reference to a house style. By letting Edifix do this work for you, you can distill hours of repetitive work down to seconds, and the time you save can be used to clean up the heart of the manuscript.

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Improve your copyediting experience

You’re juggling many projects at once. Delegate some of the more tedious, repetitive, and error-prone tasks to a tool that can quickly and accurately do it for you.

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[Using Edifix] saved me a lot of time, and added value for the client by highlighting some potential errors.

Hilary Cadman, Cadman Editing

Format a bibliography to any major editorial style

Different journals and publishers may require different bibliographic editorial styles. With Edifix, you can format your bibliography to any of the following styles within seconds:







ISO 690


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Impress clients without breaking a sweat

Edifix automatically ensures that author names, dates of publication, and titles are spelled correctly, and even warns you when a cited source has been retracted! Your clients will be impressed with your quick turnaround and the accuracy of your references.

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Retain full control over editorial choices

Edifix’s corrections are fully transparent. You can view every change that Edifix has made and check individual reference links to see the corrections from PubMed and Crossref for yourself.

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Simple user interface designed for productivity

There is no learning curve with Edifix. It’s intuitive and easy to use. Just sign up for an account online, paste your reference list into a text box, select your formatting options, and your references are returned in seconds!

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