Quick Start Guide

What is Edifix?

Using patented heuristic parsing technology, Edifix automatically identifies elements in plain-text bibliographic references, copyedits references to a variety of editorial styles, corrects references with data retrieved from PubMed and Crossref, and inserts PubMed IDs and Crossref DOIs. The results can be copied into documents, or exported to structured formats such as JATS XML, BibTeX, or converted to RIS for seamless integration with popular reference managers.

How do I use Edifix?

Once you have signed up for a free trial or a subscription, click New Edifix Job at the top of the Edifix.com page to submit a new list of references for Edifix to process.

  1. Copy and paste your references into the Edifix References box
  2. Select your editorial style
  3. Check the boxes for PubMed and/or Crossref Linking and Data Correction (optional)
  4. Click Edifix Your References
Please be patient: the process takes approximately three seconds per reference.


What has Edifix done to my references?

Edifix returns three unique results pages:

  1. References Only
  2. References + Links/Comments
  3. Show Changes

Any references set in gray text have not been restructured by Edifix (typically non-journal references or extremely damaged journal references). Comments, if any, are highlighted in yellow and fall after the reference to which they apply. The Tracked Changes view shows all corrections made to each reference, including data corrected by the PubMed/Crossref linking and correction features (if selected). To check the record of a reference in the PubMed and Crossref databases, click on the PubMed or DOI link that is returned with the reference.

Click here to learn more about your reference results!

How can I use my Edifixed references?

There are two different ways to get the results from your Edifixed references. You can:

  1. Copy the results to the clipboard and then paste them where desired
  2. Download the results in either a structured plain text format (JATS XML, Medline, BibTeX, or RIS) or an HTML-formatted file (Word document or webpage)
To export your reference list, select the desired file format from the Export Format drop-down menu on your Edifixed References results page. Then click Export. Click here to learn more about exporting your references.

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