Automatically style, correct, link, and structure bibliographic references

Edifix can handle references submitted in any style, so keep calm and Edifix on!

See how it works...

Edifix can handle references submitted in any style, so keep calm and Edifix on!

See how it works...

Meet style requirements

Different manuscripts require different reference styles – but editing and formatting reference lists to a specific style is a lot of work! Edifix helps out by automatically formatting reference entries to any of a wide variety of popular styles.

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Insert missing author names

Do your references include only one author, but your reference style requires more? No problem! Edifix automatically inserts the correct number of author names in seconds.

Normalize journal titles

Edifix follows your editorial style to convert journal titles to their standard abbreviation or fully-spelled title.

Enhance automation with APIs

Looking to integrate bibliographic reference processing into a larger automated workflow? You can access all of Edifix’s capabilities programmatically using the Edifix API, available with Enterprise plans.

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Ensure accuracy

Use data from PubMed and Crossref to automatically correct your reference data!
By intelligently comparing damaged or incomplete references against the PubMed and Crossref databases, Edifix safely makes corrections and inserts warnings when additional attention is required.

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Fix typos and errors

In seconds, Edifix automatically corrects typos and errors using data from PubMed and Crossref.

Flag retractions and corrections

Edifix inserts a yellow warning to flag cited sources that have been significantly corrected or retracted.

Link (and correct) damaged references

Edifix can even link references that are missing vital pieces of information! As shown to the right, this reference:

W. Redwine et al. Science 337, 1532 (2012).

is linked and corrected in seconds!

Edifix to XML

Transform unedited references to fully tagged XML in seconds! Using patented technology, Edifix automatically parses plain-text references and converts them to granular JATS XML.

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Integrate Edifix with existing tools

Edifix easily integrates with your authoring, editing, and production workflows. Copy and paste your Edifixed references, or export them to structured formats that work with popular word processors, LaTeX tools, reference managers, and XML tools.

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Save time

Editing, linking, and reformatting bibliographic references is important but time-consuming. Edifix automates these tedious tasks for you so you can focus on the heart of your editorial work.

Keep it simple

No downloads or installation packages required! Just sign up for an account, and start fixing your bibliography. Edifix your first 100 references for free. If you need more, check out our subscription plans.

I edit a lot of journal articles, and that’s a lot of references. I copy the reference list, paste it into Edifix in the web-based interface, select the AMA editorial style [...], and my reference copyediting time is cut in more than half.

Jennifer Holmes, Medical Editing Services

Jennifer Holmes, Medical Editing Services

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