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Easily prepare your bibliography for submission.

Spend less time proofreading your references and more time polishing your research.

Meet submission requirements with ease

Getting published in an academic journal is challenging. Don’t let a flawed bibliography get in the way of your success! Correcting and formatting your references is easy and fast.

Fix typos and mistakes

Misspell an author name or accidentally add the wrong page range? No problem! Edifix corrects errors in your references with source data retrieved from PubMed and Crossref.

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Format your bibliography to most major styles

Different journals and publishers often require different bibliographic editorial styles. With Edifix, you can format your bibliography to common and publisher-specific styles within seconds, whether your original references are styled consistently or not!







ISO 690


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The less time I have to spend on boring, repetitive tasks such as editing 56 entries in a reference list to fit a particular style, the more time I'll have for the get-down-in-the-mud-and-wrestle editing that I love to do.

Katharine O’Moore Klopf, KOK Editing

Link your scholarly citations to PubMed and Crossref

Has the publisher requested that you add DOIs or PubMed IDs? Don’t look them up manually! Edifix will link your references to their source records in Crossref or PubMed and insert DOIs and PubMed IDs into your bibliography in seconds!

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Export corrected references to your reference manager

Once you’ve linked, corrected, and formatted your bibliography in Edifix, you can export the result for integration with any common reference manager, such as EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero.

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Create BibTeX with a single click

Edifix employs a unique, patented heuristic parsing system that identifies elements in plain text references and parses them into a variety of structured formats, including BibTeX. Edifix easily integrates with LaTeX authoring tools, such as Overleaf.

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Hit the ground running

There is no learning curve with Edifix. It’s intuitive and easy to use. No downloads or installation packages required. Just sign up for an account, and you’re ready to fix your bibliography.

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