Enterprise Pricing

Custom packages for unique business requirements



per year

100,000 references

per year

8 ¢

Per Extra Reference



per year

500,000 references

per year

6 ¢

Per Extra Reference



per year

1,000,000 references

per year

5 ¢

Per Extra Reference

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100,000,000+ references

per year

Support for higher reference volumes or unique workflows

Enterprise plans are available by license only

All prices in USD

Enterprise Features

Scalable pricing for high-volume use

Custom pricing options designed to accomodate workflows processing hundreds of thousands of references.

Custom reference styles

Expertly crafted styles designed to meet your unique editorial preferences.

$1,000-$4,500, depending on customer requirements

API Access

Access Edifix’s styling, linking, correcting, and restructuring tools programmatically.

$1,000.00 / year

Dedicated servers

Flexible dedicated servers available for workflows that require high security.

Available for additional fee. Contact us to learn more!

Trusted technology

Edifix is based on Inera’s eXtyles technology that hundreds of companies already trust worldwide.

Expert consulting and assistance

Friendly and timely support from reference and publishing solution experts.

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