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Edifix has saved my staff and me countless hours of tedious work. Now that I’ve used it, I’d never want to go back to the old way of checking and formatting references.

Devon Schuyler, Millenium Medical Publishing

Here's how Edifix works

Paste your reference list

It's that simple! Copy your reference list and paste it into Edifix.

Select your style

We offer lots of standard and publisher-specific style templates.

Edifix your references

Edifix automatically copyedits, corrects, and links your references.

Expertly crafted style templates

Edifix automatically formats your references to standard styles, such as:

  • AMA
  • CSE
  • APA
  • American Chemical Society
  • Vancouver/ICMJE
  • ISO-690
  • Chicago
  • MLA
  • American Chemical Society
  • Vancouver/ICMJE

Enterprise users can also use custom-made editorial style templates for unique house styles.

Versatile export options

Edifixed references can be copied and pasted back into a text editor (like MS Word), or exported in a structured format for integration with your existing authoring, editing, or publishing tools. Export formats include:

Word .doc

Edifix will quickly become an indispensable part of your editorial and production processes.

References Edifixed

See Edifix for yourself.

Trusted automation technology
for the publishing community

For publishers

Don’t get left behind in the digital publishing revolution. Meet the demands of both speed and quality by incorporating automated bibliographic reference processing into your publishing workflow.

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For service providers

Use our patented technology to convert plain text references to accurate, granular, and structured formats. Our scalable bibliography processing software can be integrated with a variety of custom production systems and workflows.

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For in-house editors

Boost your productivity and deliver a higher-quality product with Edifix. Reduce time spent on repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the heart of your editorial work.

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For freelance editors

Earn more money by spending less time copyediting references, and do more of the editorial work you enjoy. Edifix helps you meet the increasingly stringent demands of speed and accuracy.

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For authors

Spend less time proofreading your references and more time polishing your research. Edifix makes it easy to prepare your bibliography for submission.

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Using Edifix to check and correct our references has allowed us to realise significant time savings within our production workflow. We had a very manual process before we integrated with Edifix. It is a great solution for us and we continue to benefit from it.

Emma Voden, The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery

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Edifix is based on Inera’s eXtyles technology, trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.

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Correct, link, and format your bibliography
with one click.

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