August 17, 2017

What's New in Edifix 3.2:

Can you believe it’s been three months since we released Edifix 3.0? We’ve received lots of positive feedback on the new design, and it warms our hearts to hear how Edifix has helped to improve your worklife.

This month, we’re excited to roll out a few more changes that make Edifix even better. They may be small, but we know your sharp editorial eyes will catch them!

Prettier, Smarter Text Editor

Notice anything new when you submitted your latest reference list?

We’ve changed the text editor plug-in used when you submit your reference list. Not only is the new text editor pretty, it’s smarter, too.

With this upgrade, we resolved the bug in which references formatted as an auto-numbered list in Word may lose their numbers when pasted into Edifix. This occurred more frequently with auto-numbered lists that used numbers and parentheses, e.g. “1)”, or numbers without periods. Now, Edifix preserves the list labels in your auto-numbered reference lists regardless of your numbering style.

Bye-Bye, Funky DOIs

Occasionally, “helpful” authors will include DOIs in their references, but the DOI doesn’t match what Crossref has indexed. When those references are linked during Crossref Linking and Correction, Edifix removes the author-supplied DOI and replaces it with the correct DOI. Unfortunately, Edifix also left extra punctuation around the new DOI, which was certainly a pain to clean up:

  1. Adams RA. Sobolev Space. New York: Academic Press; 1975,
  2. Klemt, W. D., and W. Stemme. Schedule Synchronization for Public Transit Networks. In Computer-Aided Transit Scheduling, Springer, Berlin, 1988, pp. 327–335.,

We’re happy to report that this bug is fixed! Now Edifix not only corrects DOIs in your references, but also cleans up all extraneous punctuation around them.

Have a question about our updates? Want to share your excitement? Send our team an email at [email protected]. We'll be happy to hear to from you!