March 28, 2022

What happened to Edifix Crossref Correction on March 24?

On March 24, Crossref suffered a sustained internet service interruption that affected many of their online tools and services, and by extension disrupted Edifix's Crossref Correction and DOI Linking tool. During the 17 hours of the internet outage, Crossref Correction and DOI Linking returned inconsistent results on Edifix jobs, and many references failed to match on Crossref.

If you processed references that failed to match on Crossref during this period because Crossref could not be reached, note that Edifix does not deduct these from your overall reference allowance.

For more details on what happened, see Crossref’s post-mortem blog post about the service interruption. You can also get email notifications about future interruptions by signing up for Crossref status updates here.