October 19, 2020

Updates to the Edifix API

In early October 2020, we released an updated version of our Edifix API, version 1.1.

This updated version includes the following minor changes:

  • We've softened Edifix's acceptance of boolean operators in the API. JSON true and false are prescribed where appropriate, but Edifix can interpret several ambiguities, such as 1 or 0 or "1" or "0".
  • User and Job reference IDs are returned in the header of the response. Subscription accounting information is also included. The JATS message body remains the same.
  • We've standardized Edifix’s error messages. Edifix still provides HTTP error codes, but now includes more detail with a number of codes and descriptions.

For all the details, please visit the API documentation page.

Stay tuned for more changes coming online soon!

Link: https://edifix.com/blog/updates-to-the-edifix-api