January 25, 2016

Make the Most of Edifix :

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Managing the ebb and flow of your editorial workload can be a source of much consternation. Whether you’re a self-employed freelancer or the manager of a team of staff copyeditors, you’ve likely faced both unexpected busy and slow periods on the job. This can make it difficult not only to plan your schedule (should I take my summer vacation in July or can I even take a vacation this summer?) but also to manage your resources, including paid subscriptions to services that you use in your day-to-day.

Fear not! Edifix’s flexible subscription plans can help in at least one of those areas.

The Basics

Edifix offers six different levels of subscriptions (plus Enterprise for high volume usage). Each subscription plan includes a Reference Allowance that ranges from 250 references per month to 50,000 references per year. These recurring plans are designed to meet a lot of different and consistent workflow needs.

“Just Right” Options for Unexpected Workloads

Consistency, however, is not guaranteed in the life of an editor. One Edifix subscription may work great that first month, but it may not be ideal the next. With this sort of variability in mind, you may find yourself wondering whether Edifix has a subscription option that’s just right.

But when your workflow requirements change from month to month, how can an Edifix subscription possibly be just right?

You can take advantage of Edifix’s “pay-as-you-go” overage reference policy and commitment-free cancellation policy so that your subscription always fits your needs, even when those needs change.

Overages: Pay Per Reference

When you run out of references before your subscription period ends, you are prompted to pay a few cents for every reference over your allowance. There is no penalty for overage references. None. The overage fee rate for your subscription is exactly the cost of a single reference in your subscription level.

For example, the Monthly Basic subscription costs $39.95 and includes an allowance of 250 references per month. A little algebra shows that each of those references has a value of 16 cents:

$39.95 ÷ 250 = $0.16

In a Monthly Basic subscription 16 cents is also the per-reference cost of overage references.

Because there is no additional fee for Edifixing extra references, you can take advantage of our “pay-as-you-go” overage policy to avoid a reference allowance that is too small.

Keep in mind that the higher the subscription level, the smaller the per-reference cost!

Cancelling, or Hitting Pause

What about that upcoming two-month vacation in the Bahamas? Do you have to pay for the two months of your Edifix subscription that you will not use during that time? Nope! You can temporarily cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe with no penalties when you’re back from vacation. See our FAQ for more details on how to manage your Edifix account through extended absences.

One-time Projects

What if you have a large one-off project? You know Edifix will be an invaluable resource for you, but you don’t need to commit to an ongoing subscription. Fear not: You can combine the above two tips to access Edifix just for the time period you need. Simply sign up for a subscription that most closely meets the scope of your project. If you need to Edifix a few more references but don’t want to sign up for the next subscription level, you can pay for extra references under our pay-as-you-go overage policy. When your project is finished, simply cancel your subscription with no penalty!

Just Right

Edifix is designed for projects big and small. With six different subscription levels (plus Enterprise!), a pay-as-you-go overage policy, and a no-commitment cancellation policy, Edifix offers you the flexibility to successfully manage the ups and downs of your workload.

Feel free to contact us at any time. We would be delighted to help you find a usage plan that’s right for you.

Link: https://edifix.com/blog/make-the-most-of-edifix