April 07, 2020

Important Update: We’re Adjusting Our Pricing!

Since we launched Edifix five years ago, we’ve been looking at usage and listening to our customers. One thing we’ve learned is that we missed the mark on our Monthly Premium subscription tier! There’s a need for a monthly subscription that offers a bigger reference allowance than our Monthly Plus subscription, at a lower reference volume and price than our current Monthly Premium level.

We’ve adjusted both the reference allowance and the subscription price for Monthly Premium to take this into account. Monthly Premium subscribers will now get 1000 references for just $119.95/month ($0.12 per reference!), with additional references available at $0.12 each.

For more information, see our pricing page or contact us at [email protected]!

Link: https://edifix.com/blog/important-update-we-re-adjusting-our-pricing