May 27, 2014

Edifix Is Now Live! (Bye, bye, Beta)

Authors, reviewers, editors, and readers rely on complete and correct bibliographic reference lists to trace the paths of research through the scholarly record. Edifix, a new cloud-based solution from Inera Inc., the developers of eXtyles, helps researchers, publishers, and librarians ensure that these references are accurate, structured, and linked.

Edifix uses Inera’s proven heuristic technology to automatically identify elements in plain-text bibliographic references of any style, copyedit bibliographic references to a variety of editorial styles, correct references with data retrieved from PubMed and CrossRef, and insert PubMed IDs and CrossRef DOIs. The results can be copied into documents, exported to JATS XML, or converted to RIS for seamless integration with popular reference managers.

“Edifix is a scalable solution that’s cost effective for everyone from individual freelance editors who need to copyedit a few hundred references per month to publishers and service providers, who require links and XML for millions of references,” said Bruce Rosenblum, CEO.

“Edifix has saved my staff and me countless hours of tedious work. Now that I’ve used it, I’d never want to go back to the old way of checking and formatting references,” said Devon Schuyler, Editorial Director of Millennium Medical Publishing and an early adopter.

Edifix is available to monthly and annual subscribers and offers a free trial. For more than 18 years, Inera’s reference tools have saved time and vastly improved reference quality for publishers. With Edifix, Inera’s powerful reference tools are now available to everyone.

About Inera (

Inera is widely recognized as a global leader in publishing technology. Since 1992, Inera’s seasoned team of publishing and software professionals has pooled a unique set of skills to bring transformational change to the publishing industry. We develop and license the eXtyles family of Word-based editorial and XML tools, and the new Edifix online bibliographic reference solution. Publishers of scholarly journals and books, standards, and government documents worldwide rely on Inera’s software solutions to drive modern electronic and print publication workflows.