August 05, 2014

ALPSP interviews us about Edifix!

The Associated of Learned & Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) is ramping up for their annual international conference. As we announced recently, we were nominated this year for an ALPSP award for "Innovation in Publishing," and as part of this honor, they interviewed our CEO, Bruce Rosenblum, to ask more about the product and our process.

One highlight:

The critical innovation Edifix brings to the bibliographic reference problem is its parsing engine – that is, its sophisticated ability to automatically identify the elements of plain-text references. This ability to accurately burst a reference into its parts and then put it back together enables all of the advanced Edifix services, from copyediting to data correction to structured output (including an output format that will let you import into a reference manager like EndNote without all of that manual labor).

Read the whole interview here.