Edifix Sub-Processors List

A sub-processor is a third party data processor that has or will potentially have access to or process data that may contain personal data. Edifix uses certain sub-processors to provide service detailed in our Conditions of Use.

All our sub-processors are on track to become GDPR-compliant by the enforceable date (May 25th 2018), and we will continue to monitor their progress and update this list. Per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when engaging a new sub-processor, data subjects will be able to refuse processing after 30 days of updating this list. For questions or more information please email privacy@edifix.com.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
Amazon AWS Data processing United States
FreshDesk Sales and support services United States
Heroku Data processing, Data storage United States
Heroku Postgres Data Storage United States
NewRelic Website performance monitoring United States
Redis To Go Internal website architecture United States
Rollbar Quality assurance and support services United States
SparkPost Email customer communication United States
Trevor Technology Ltd. Internal data analysis United Kingdom
Braintree Customer billing transactions United States
BrowserStack Website testing India
DNSimple Internet domain management United States